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Fix it Right!

Do you like free popcorn? Do you like 24 hour service especially in emergencies? Don’s Mobile Glass in Modesto, California is the place for you! They are here to meet any of your glass needs. Whether its home, vehicle or commercial glass they are the place for you. Vehicle glass problems are no problem for them. They can do windshield replacement and windshield chip repair. Also, the option of fixing air leaks and any auto mirrors. Not to mention, they work on any agricultural machinery windows!

They really do everything! When it comes to your home they can fix any window or glass mirror in it! Do you have a glass table top that needs fixed? Or maybe would you like some custom glass cut? Call Don’s Mobile Glass! They can help you! Shower doors, screen doors, any custom glass in your home can be fixed by Don’s Mobile Glass! Last but not least, they can work on any glass in your commercial business or shop! My husbands business had someone throw a rock through the window and Don’s Mobile Glass came and saved the day!

They are quick, efficient and on the spot when it comes to fixing glass or cutting specialized glass for you! If Modesto doesn’t work for you. They have other stores available to you in Merced, Turlock and Manteca! They are available no matter where your needs are! Questions? You can always email info@donsmobleglass.com as well as call 209544-7161. Go online and fill out a quote request. They will get back to you within 24 hours. They also have tire and vehicle repair service! Call Dons Mobile Glass for all your glass and vehicle needs!

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Don’s, Anyone?

2015-09-24-13-20-19-1024x768DON’S MOBILE GLASS, ANYONE?

If you are looking for a one of a kind glass installation or replacement on your vehicle or home, then you need to look no further than to look at DON’S MOBILE GLASS. This quality service of excellence and trust is here to serve you. Remember the name: DON’S MOBILE GLASS. They offer a safe and affordable replacement with a quick estimate and quote as well. They rely upon adhesive systems and their own expertise in the areas involved, in order to secure a good permanent fix for your vehicle.

Did I mention that they install and repair glass work for residential and commercial buildings as well, all at the same time? In fact, a professional installation and experience as a whole is listed as this company’s number one top priority of all-giving you what you pay for and without leaving so much as a single scratch or rude employee. Now that is service you can trust, with a smile, and all without breaking the bank at the same time. Talk about awesome rolled up into a welcome packet!


What’s more, here? DON’S MOBILE GLASS is affordable. Call or click to find out more. In fact, did I even mention the fact that Sika brand adhesives are used in this business? You may not know what in the world these are or what I am talking about, so allow me to explain a bit more. These special product labels of a more sticky nature are known to be both manufactured and produced domestically. Yes, go USA! They also meet all the stringent government requirements for glass products, and have more than gone above & beyond the seal of excellence rating. That in itself says a lot. Go with Sika, and with DON’S MOBILE GLASS! Learn more about windshield repair Modesto CA come visit Donsmobileglass.com.

Find The Right Ones For Windshield Repair Modesto CA

1Get Your Windshield Repair Modesto CA Done Right

If something has gone wrong with your windshield and you would prefer to have it repaired instead of replaced, then you will have to be especially careful as you choose the ones to do the repair. There aren’t a lot of people out there who know how to do this kind of repair, at least not well, and you will need to know that the Modesto, CA company that you use for this does know how to do it well.

You Will Feel Good When The Repairs Are Done

When you are able to get by with simply repairing your windshield instead of having to replace the whole thing, you will feel good about that. It is always a nice thing to have to spend less money on a service like this, and the repairs will be much less than a whole replacement would have been. So you should think about getting this done when your windshield has been cracked or harmed in any way. And you will just need to make sure that there is a good one to do it when you want to have it done.

Finding The Best Company In Modesto, CA Should Be Easy

There can’t be too many companies around that do windshield repair, and when you find all of them, you will just have to see which ones have made the most customers happy. And when you find out about that, you will have the one who you should hire. the company you choose will be all about making things right for you and getting that windshield back to looking like new.

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Figure Out Who Will Best Help With Windshield Repair Modesto CA

cmlnfcvucaavnkgGet Your Windshield Repair Modesto CA Taken Care Of Right Now

Don’t wait around to have the windshield repair done when you know that this is something that you need done. You can’t be driving around with a windshield that is not there, and you cannot put this off for any reason. So you better have a good number to call when you need the repairs to happen. You better have someone that you can go to, so that you can make the repairs take place quickly, and so that you can know that they will work on things in a way that you can trust and feel good about.

It Will Make You Feel Confident When You Have A Number On Hand

Know the number of a windshield repair company, and you will never have to be in fear when your windshield breaks. Instead of stressing out over this and trying to figure out who you should contact, you will know just who to call. You will know that they are the best at what they do, too, and that will make you feel even better about hiring them.

So Make Sure You Know Who To Call

Figure out which company is the best at repairing windshields, and then you will feel good about having their number ready. They have helped other people who were in need, and they will help you when something goes wrong with your vehicle, too. You deserve good care, and that is just what you will get when you make sure that you have the right one there to fix the windshield when something goes wrong with it. Learn more about windshield repair Modesto CA come visit us at Donsmobileglass.com.

Finding the Best Windshield Repair

donsmobileglass windshield repairYou may be driving through road construction or are behind those pesky trucks that are loaded with rocks. When you see rocks flying at you, they will crack your windshield. Hail can also do some damage to your windshield whether you are driving through it or not. The longer you go with cracks in your windshield; the more damaged it will be. You are going to need a new windshield so it is time to start looking for someone to repair it.

Finding the Best Reviews

To find the best windshield repair shop, you will need to look at a bunch of them and see who has the best reviews. You might want to ask family and friends that have been through this same situation and see who they went to. The best shops will have four or five star reviews.

Comparing Pricing

Once you have a few of the best repair shops listed, then you can compare pricing to find the person to go with. You can either drive around to a few different shops or you can get a quote online by filling out a few important things. They may ask for your name and how you heard about their company. Once you have the price, you may be able to talk them down or work out some kind of deal.

You should find a great review because you should make sure that the repairman will do a great job. You may need a repair job or your windshield may be so bad that you need to have the whole thing replaced. If you are a busy person, see if they can come to your work or another place you may be at and have them fix it there. As long as they give you the right price; you will not be disappointed. Get connected with only the best windshield repair Modesto CA and come visit us at Donsmobileglass.com.

Can I Even Get My Windshield Repaired?

donsmobileglassMany people require windshield repair Modesto CA, regionally, as it is one of the most common ways to damage your vehicle after all. Damage can range from small seemingly insignificant chips to massive cracks that spread across the entire windshield.

A windshield is one of the most important safety features in a vehicle as the provide structural support in the event of an auto accident, so to have it compromised could very well lead to much more significant damage to the vehicle, and even cause serious injury or death for passengers.

Commonly, people will look to immediately getting a replacement windshield at the first sign of damage. Yet we are happy to provide windshield repairs in Modesto, CA whenever possible, and it can end up being a much faster way to ensure your windshield is as safe as can be when compared to getting a replacement.

Not sure if you need windshield repair services in Modesto, CA? Then take a look at the key factors that will decide whether or not we can repair your windshield.


As we offer windshield repairs to all in Modesto, CA, we see our fair share or damaged glass. The damage sustained must be within a certain size to allow us to repair rather than replace it, and this most typically involves smaller chips or cracks.

Chips in windshields cannot be much bigger than an inch in diameter, while cracks can be repaired as long as they are around 3 inches or smaller. Anything bigger will be difficult to perform repairs.


Providing windshield repairs for the many residents of Modesto and surrounding areas means we see a fair few cracked windshields. With so many variations to these cracks, we can actually identify them according to their shape.

For example, a crack chip can be used to describe a single chip that is roughly the size of a quarter, while a bullseye is a crack that is circular in shape. Most of these different shapes of cracks can be repaired, some easier than others, and as long as they do not get too large we can hopefully tackle them.


Having completed countless windshield repairs over the years, we know just how important the location of the damage can be in our efforts to repair it. Quality repairs will leave some small and minor marks, such as slight discoloration.

While perfectly safe, it can prove troublesome if it disrupts the line of sight for the driver. We will take into account the location of each crack and chip in relation to the driver(s) behind the wheel.

Last, finding cracks or chips towards the edge of the windshield creates the potential for more safety concerns, and can often mean it’s not safe to conduct repairs.

We hope this helps any drivers that may be looking for windshield repairs in Modesto, CA!